Captivating & Classic. Elegant & Enticing. Sexy & Sublime. Absolutely Unforgettable.


I'm Brooke, the designer and seamstress behind Forget-Me-Not Intimates. I started this small business because of my love of lingerie and the feelings this beautiful piece of clothing can evoke in a person.

When I was attending high school, I was shy and insecure in my body. I would avoid showing any extra skin by wearing sweaters and long jeans everyday. As I continued into my young adult years and started this amazing adventure I began to gain confidence.

I have grown and transformed with my business, and the pieces that I create have helped me become comfortable in my own skin. I even model most of my sets and share those pictures on my site and social media. Something I would have never imagined doing before.

This is what I hope to carry out with my designs. I thrive for my pieces to help people feel sexy, confident and worthy, no matter their size or shape. Because this is what Forget-Me-Not Intimates did for me and this is what I hope it will do for you!

Stay Unforgettable
because you're worth it!

Handmade in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

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