New Year, New Collection!

Happy New Year everyone!

2018 was a crazy year, I've been learning as I go about the world of business and trying so hard to get Forget-Me-Not Intimates off the ground. I am so thankful for the people who have purchased from our first line of lingerie and am super excited to start creating the new collection for the new year!

We have so many different and intriguing designs coming in our new collection but we have to make way for the new by selling the old!

That's why we are having a HUGE SALE! YAY! If you add $50.00 to your cart you will instantly get 50% off your order, this is the biggest sale we have had. It's limited to all Ready to Ship items which is all we currently have up in the store. 

It will be sad to let go of some of the old designs but we are keeping a select few around once the sale ends, but you won't know which ones until Valentines Day!

Speaking of Valentines day, stay tuned for a sneak peek at our Love at First Sight Set coming soon!

Stay Unforgettable ;)